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The word “ennoble” literally means “to make noble, or to elevate.” This has been our ethos since we started in 2017.

Ennoble is a small-batch design studio that aims to ennoble natural materials and traditional Filipino craft techniques. We do so by supporting the livelihood of local artisans, through collaboration and co-creation of unique and sustainable pieces. Our bestselling Chibi Pot collection, for instance, is an original, patented design that fuses functionality with quirkiness, and is a testament to how we take traditional crafts to a more fun and modern way.

We strongly believe in the importance of social responsibility and sustainability, which is why we use eco-friendly materials (such as abaca, rattan, & coconut fiber) and ethical practices in all our operations. We also take pride in our commitment to quality and craftsmanship, ensuring that every item that leaves our studio meets the highest, export-quality standards. In everything we do, we aim for our products to showcase the beauty and versatility of Philippine craftsmanship, while also promoting our cultural heritage to a wider audience.


Whether you're looking for a gift, a stylish accessory or a unique home decor, Ennoble has something for you. Guaranteed local, handmade, and with a heart.

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